ok everyone please admire how pretty my cupcakes turned out for my mum’s birthday 

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~*~*~*~win free makeup brushes~*~*~*~

hello tribbles!! my very very talented photographer/makeup artist friend runs a facebook page and he is doing a super cool giveaway for some really nice brushes! if you’re like me god knows i only ever buy the cheap ones from target, so if you’re interested in some higher quality ones here is your chance!! xx

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The newsreels are dead. We’ve bored the public for too long. Give me this opportunity and I’ll prove it. But may I say one more thing—you haven’t seen my best yet.

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The Fall

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girls don’t want boys girls want deaf clint barton to be incorporated into the mcu

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independent state of eyebrows

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ighthdoctor replied to your post“eighthdoctor replied to your post: look i know it’s probably not it bc…”
and the master just pats their face and says “yes dear but this time we got a marriage certificate” ignoring that it was totally forged and getting it involved taking over the internet and the doctor just /glares/ and then the master says

"oh and by the way i’m going to kidnap every monarch in the world tomorrow planning to stop me?"

the doctor mumbles all grumpy “i always stop you” and she clasps her hands together delightedly “then it’s a date!” 

clara didn’t like her at first but then she realized that she is kind of insane but also kind of cool like a wacko vaguely manic aunt so she teases the doctor a lot when they get in to fights she goes “nooo i don’t want to be a child of divorce” and the doctor is so so annoyed

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eighthdoctor replied to your post: look i know it’s probably not it bc sh…

stop that you’re making me want to write it

everyone thinks they’re this dower “get off my lawn” older couple with maybe some grandchildren who are too deep in it to actually get a divorce which is 100% the master’s fault bc that’s what she tells everyone and the doctor is just “oooh my gooooood this is literally worse than any other incarnation you were slIME DO YOU REMEMBER THAT TIME YOU WERE SLIME THAT WAS BETTER

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also hi! i am still alive. weirdly, very very alive. i have jumped off the grid for awhile without warning but i am still very alive.

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look i know it’s probably not it bc she’s probably a new character which is fine but i can’t quite articulate how much or exactly why i want missy to be the master??? like don’t get me wrong i totally know it isn’t likely but just this middle aged chick with a mary poppins umbrella calling the doctor her boyfriend completely unhinged really appeals to me?? why??? i don’t know. but it does. she’s not and she won’t be but i want the next master to be an older woman who annoys the living hell out of the doctor cheerily with a spoonful of sugar and an umbrella at his throat

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that’s a steep price for what’s been done


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Venice, Italy (x)

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The Sounds of the City

Friend’s request, who wanted so see Clint Barton wearing his hearing aid. I did some research online, asked on Tumblr, checkout the latest issue of Hawkeye but I couldn’t find what his hearing aid looked liked so I went for something visible. Sorry if it’s not 100% accurate.

Photoshop CS6 - Painter 12

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team hawkguy moodboards: clint barton
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